About Us

The Northern Lakes Economic Development Corporation (NLEDC) was created in 2009 out of a desire to ignite a new spark of momentum for economic development for the Town of Spiritwood and surrounding communities.

It started with a group of informal participants that gathered to network and brainstorm about how to make the region as a whole stronger and more vibrant from an economic development perspective. An outcome of these informal meetings was the identification of a strategic planning session. The session was led by a facilitator that brought a cross section of stakeholders together from across the region to explore economic development. What came out of that session was one core need, a formal organization that would focus and direct the economic development needs for the region. In 2009 the Town of Spiritwood put this knowledge into action and decided to financially support the creation of an economic development corporation with a designated staff person to execute the strategic vision for the region.

The corporation was created with the intention of being a regional organization since it strongly felt that economic development should not be a one-community focused activity, but rather regionally-focused activity to increase the chances of experiencing sustainable success. In the past any ‘economic development’ initiatives happened through individuals as they identified business opportunities. There has never been an organized way to orchestrate the economic development activities of the community or the region. The NLEDC is hoping to be just that, the orchestrator for economic development throughout the region. Helping everyone from every aspect of the community to thrive and prosper as a regional force. The organization wants to raise the profile and business readiness for the region and gain exposure right across the province.

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Economic Development is a term that is used lightly to cover a wide range of activities, initiatives, and concepts. For one community, economic development is trying to preserve the spending within the local businesses, and for another community it may be to bring in new businesses. When you look at the ‘economic development’ plans for communities, you will not find any two the same since they all have individual needs. The strategic plan has been created with the stakeholders in mind. Anyone that looks at this document will have a clear idea of what the NLEDC is all about, where their priorities lie, and where they fit into the picture. It will also act as a guiding document that will steer priorities, actions, and initiatives as the NLEDC matures along their strategic path. The NLEDC strategic plan is essentially a road map to where the corporation is going with guiding principles what will help in making adjustments as changes and challenges occur.

Our Strategic Plans

[2011 http://www.nledc.com/pdfs/focus.pdf ]

[2016 NLEDC Strat Plan 2016-2020 FINAL Jan 26 (1)]

Our Values

The values of the NLEDC are outlined below. We believe that creating values are an efficient and effective way to summarize the core beliefs our organization and helps stakeholders understand what drives our initiatives and activities. Our values and beliefs guide our decision-making, and help us work through challenges and disputes when they arise. Values keep us grounded and focused as we move strategies forward.

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Our People


Bevra Fee – Managing Director

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our Northern Lakes Economic Development Corporation website. I hope you find the information here that will help you with your decision whether you are looking to invest in our local economy or investing in your family life – however you choose to join our community – we welcome you.

I became involved in the NLEDC as a founding member in 2009 because I have a passion for this community. Having been raised in Leoville, living near Medstead and working in Spiritwood I have always called the Northern Lakes region my home. Upon completion of my Business education at University of Saskatchewan, I was keen on putting my knowledge to work for the benefit of us all and I believe I found that opportunity as Managing Director for something I so strongly believe in.

Please visit with me – through social media, email, telephone or by stopping in at my office – so that I can help you build your current or future involvement in the Northern Lakes.