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Highway #3…

Spiritwood – Take a journey along Highway 3 to explore all the sights and sounds of the Northern Lakes Region. Spiritwood, our urban hub that serves the northwest of the Region, is a thriving town that boasts a broad range of businesses and services to accommodate your needs while visiting or traveling. The 18-hole golf course along Highway 3 is a must, while the B&Bs [such as…] that are located on the course offer accommodations second to none. The thriving Spiritwood Main Street is always bustling – don’t miss the Farmer’s Market in the summer! Visit the Tourist Information booth along Highway 3 in Spiritwood for maps, hunting and fishing guides and answers to all your questions.

Shell Lake – Shell Lake is located adjacent to the very popular Memorial Lake Regional Park, this quiet village becomes a major tourist destination every summer. Swimming lessons, cabins, campsites, mini-golf and ice cream – what more do you want from your get-away destination? With new developments at Green Jewel Estates offering lakefront living, Shell River Villas offering a quality up-scale lifestyle with a private putting green, and the well-maintained Memorial Lake Golf Course…you need to take a closer look at Shell Lake.

Shellbrook – Shellbrook is on the eastern hub of the Region and is a picturesque agricultural community that lies a short half hour outside the city of Prince Albert. Shellbrook is the largest town in the Northern Lakes Region and offer all amenities for a safe and quiet family lifestlye. Recreation abounds with the outdoor swimming pool offering lessons and a synchronized swimming club. Top-notch sports grounds and an exciting hockey team provide plenty of entertainment and activity year-round. With a regional hospital housed in the new (2013) Parkland Integrated Health Facility, Shellbrook is home to numerous physicians and clinicians that provide 24/7 emergency and acute care. The junction to Highway #55 north to the lakes within town limits and #40 South to Parkside and Blaine Lake makes us your chance to refuel, dine, shop and plan the rest of your holiday with us!

South on 40…

The village of Parkside is proud home to Honeywood (Dr. A. J. Porter) Heritage Nursery. Located along Highway #40, you will notice the large prairie lily in Parkside – right near the sports grounds and demolition derby site! Stop in at the post office and general store to enjoy a visit with the Mayor; coffee is always on.

Blaine Lake – Your gateway to the lakes, Blaine Lake sits at the junction of highways #40 and 12. A quick look at a regional map will indicate the number of lakes, campgrounds, resorts and tourist spots that are located within a short distance of the Blaine Lake community. With our rich heritage of Slavic and European cultures blended with the original English and French settlers, the diversity offers a blend of warm hospitality to visitors while adding ethnic cuisine to many of the local dining establishments. Just a short drive from Martin’s Lake Regional Park and surrounded by stops on the ‘12-40 And Beyond’ artisans tour, Blaine Lake is your southern hub of the Northern Lakes Region.

Up the #24 North…

Leoville – Small town, Big Heart! The village on the forest fringe at the point where Highway 24 swings west to Chitek Lake is a place with friendly people, all the services you might require and a strong volunteer spirit! Major events during the year in Leoville are the Ladies Diamond Dinner, Mother’s Day Brunch, Father’s Day ATV Rally and Slo-pitch Tournament, Trailriders Rodeo, Snowdrifters Snowmobile Rally. In the sports field, Leoville has a very active youth badminton program with hundreds of medals won over the years. There is minor, senior and recreational hockey, sandlot ball, figure skating and curling. There is also an active 4-H program and a very active Girl Guides of Canada program.

Chitek Lake – The resort village of Chitek Lake is one of the most popular camping destinations in our Region. With a growing population of permanent residents, the village bursts with activity during the summer months – family reunions, swimming lessons, quadding, great fishing – all great reasons to plan your holidays around Chitek Lake! With the Van Dam Good Ice Fishing Derby and the Bush Buddies Snowmobile Rally on plenty of well-marked trails, your family will want to make plans for winter too. Stock up on supplies at Harv’s, catch a weekly bingo game at the Community Hall or scope out where to build your lake home – Chitek Lake welcomes you!

Tour #378 South…

Meeting Lake Regional Park – Located just off Highway #378 between Spiritwood and Rabbit Lake, this is your camping destination with the family fun in mind! Open from May long weekend until September long weekend, Meeting Lake Regional park boasts modern conveniences such as a concession, dining room, gas, Laundromat, showers and a camp kitchen. Fish for northern pike, pickerel and perch, take part in musical jam sessions and karaoke nights, enter the parade, or just enjoy the beach – Meeting Lake is everything you want for the entire summer or just a sunny day!

Rabbit Lake – Famous for being the district that hosts the Carlton Trail Jamboree, Rabbit Lake is the epitome of friendly country hospitality. Visit the museum or relax at the WhistleStop coffee shop – take a break and visit relatives at Rose Gill Lodge or gear up for your day trip to the Crooked Bush – Rabbit Lake always has something going on. Bunnock tournament, summer fair and trade show…your time here will be enjoyable!

Travel the #55…

Canwood – The ideal location and variety of services offered makes Canwood a good choice for people looking to get back to small town life. Offering a variety of essential services, from groceries to health care, Canwood is close enough to major centers to make travel convenient for day trips as well as weekend visits! There is never a lack of activity – from activities with the Seniors to events at the Community School or a round of golf after work, Canwood is a great destination in itself or a stop on your trip to the lakes.

Debden & Morin Lake – Debden is a bilingual community that was founded in 1912, pioneered by brave souls mostly from Quebec. By 1922 the small hamlet of Debden became incorporated as a village. Today the village has 348 residents and is a full service community for everything you need, all within a few minutes walking distance. Whether you are an avid nature lover or sportsman we are located in the heart of some of the best nature has to offer. With 100 lakes within 50 miles, there is always a lot to explore. Being in the heart of such amazing country with large expanses of land, wilderness and bodies of water, this region can proudly say that we have some of the best fishing and hunting anywhere in Canada.

Debden est une communauté bilingue, fondée en 1912 par des pionniers venus de la province de Québec. Par 1922 le petit hameau de Debden a été incorporé comme village. Aujourd’hui le village comprend plus de 348 résidents et est une communauté vivante avec tous les services nécessaires à la portée de la main. Que vous soyez un mordu de la nature ou un sportif, Debden est situé au coeur de la nature : plusieurs lacs é moins de 50 miles. Etant situé au coeur d’un tel paysage avec des bêtes sauvages et de vastes lacs et rivières, on peut fièrement dire que nous avons les meilleures régions pour la chasse et la pêche au Canada !

Big River – Big River is the hub of the lake region in our northern reaches. Big River is a town with everything and you will not find better fishing and boating opportunities – you can even fish off the dock right inside the town limits. Having un-paralleled sports grounds and hall facilities, Big River plays host to high calibre ball playoffs and tournaments. In addition to the excellent winter recreation, such as ice fishing and snowmobiling, Big River is the place to stock up on your camping supplies when you visit the popular music festivals at Ness Creek. Country, Folk or Bluegrass – Ness Creek has you covered all summer.

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