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It is easy to see why the Northern Lakes Region is such a coveted place to visit and do business. Accessing the Region via Highway #3 brings regular, efficient supply and offers smooth and peaceful commutes for those traveling to work. With a large rural population primarily employed in the various villages and small towns, the importance of Highway #24 North and Highway #378 south is never under-estimated.

Whether you are traveling to or from the Chitek Lake and Leoville areas or the Meeting Lake and Rabbit Lake areas, you will find friendly, welcoming business all along your route. In the larger centres like Spiritwood and Shellbrook you can easily spend an entire day browsing for business or pleasure. Attractive main streets are the pride of most small towns in our Province – ours are especially so! The relaxed pace begins the minute you slow down at the outskirts.

Service in small towns is very personal, with many of the business owners knowing their patrons. Regardless of relationship, all are welcomed with a big smile and a friendly greeting – you may get the feeling you already know us! Unlike larger chain retailers, the small family businesses concentrate on fulfilling your needs and are eager to help you determine what you need or find what you already have in mind. In a large corporate world, it is comforting to know that anything you require is available for the asking – if our businesses can help you, they will.

Opportunity to add your own special talent or product is more affordable in a small town because of lower property prices and a more friendly tax structure. If you have a business idea or an entrepreneurial spirit and are looking for an idea, we would love to hear from you! Come for a visit and learn about the opportunities available.

Outside the busy confines of our towns – in every corner of this region – you will find peaceful wilderness. The opportunity to explore the unspoiled forest trails and paths is yours from wherever you set up camp! Lakes abound with fish (Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch) and you can enjoy a freshly caught supper in any season. Winter or summer, shut off the video game and get in the car – take the weekend to camp or hike or fish with family and friends. If you have a business idea that can add to our healthy tourism industry, we have limitless potential.

In the Northern Lakes, everything is greenspace! The trend within larger cities is to find a small parcel of land to create a park – we live in a park! From the first budding of the poplar leaves in May until the last open-water fishing trip in the fall everything around our small towns and all along the avenues in between them – nature is evident. Deer, moose, elk, coyotes, foxes and too many bird species to mention are visible without a concentrated search. Leave your window open. Enjoy the sounds of our land.

Should you be thinking about retirement, good news – affordable homes and cottages can be the advantage you need to retire earlier than you expected. Located in quiet friendly towns or on picturesque golf courses and lakes, we have the amenities and social structure enjoyed by many people of all ages. Come back to your roots and enjoy life with your childhood friends again. New neighbours are great additions to our clubs, churches and activities!

Doing Business in Our Region

The following section contains information about doing business in our region, including: agriculture, tourism, forestry, minerals, retail, commercial.


The region that includes the Northern Lakes is primarily dependent on agriculture, with vast acres devoted to cereal, oilseed, pulse and specialty crops as well as forage and feed production for livestock. Much of the forested acres are utilized as cattle pasture, while the bulk of the seeded crop acres are dedicated to barley, canola, oats and wheat. Our soil zones primarily include grey and dark grey and the typical average precipitation is above the provincial average. The number of frost-free days is in line with the provincial average of 114.



The Northern Lakes region is situated in the rolling hills on the southern fringe of the Northern Provincial Forest to well into the Forest. The golden fields of wheat gently swaying in the breeze to the gentle swaying of the tall pine trees, the brilliant sunsets to the dancing northern lights, will forever leave you with a memorable experience equalled by none.

Whether you are a recreational camper who enjoys our opportunities for swimming, boating, hiking, water and snow skiing, hunting, fishing, golfing or bird watching, or whether you are an expert skilled hunter looking for that big game experience you will find the attraction you desire.

Provincial Tourism Guides:
2016 Saskatchewan Discovery Guide
2016 Saskatchewan Fishing & Hunting Guide


Despite being a prairie province, more than half of Saskatchewan is covered with forests, principally in the top half! The forest industry is a significant manufacturing industry, contributing more than $750 million each year to the provincial economy. Softwoods, mainly spruce and jack pine, comprise the majority of production at major centres such as Meadow Lake, Prince Albert and Big River. Today value of this resource is more widely understood in terms of preserving a renewable supply in a responsible manner.


An abundance of mineral wealth makes Saskatchewan a world leader in potash and uranium.

Saskatchewan has two of the most desired minerals in the world – potash and uranium. In fact, Saskatchewan is the world’s leading supplier of potash, with about 28% of global production, and the world’s second-largest supplier of uranium, with 22% of global production. The province also produces gold, coal, salt, silica sands, kaolin, sodium and potassium sulphate, as well as clays.

In 2015, the value of Saskatchewan’s mineral production was approximately $8.2 billion — the second highest in Canada.

Exploration expenditures in 2015 were $211 million and are forecast to reach $224 million in 2016. (Source:


Geology Map of Saskatchewan


$hop at Home was created to remind consumers that independent businesses in our region offer a fresh, local alternative to global chain stores and big box stores.

Studies show that for every $100 you spend locally, $48 stays in your community! When you shop at big box stores or chain stores, only $13 returns to your local community.

Within our region, you will find many retailers, restaurants and service providers with the $hop at Home decal on their counter – explore what they have to offer and save money when you discover they have all the essentials and much more.

Great reasons to $hop at Home:

  • Locally owned stores and restaurants are more likely to carry locally produced foods which support local agriculture
  • Local business owners contribute more to local fundraising
  • Local businesses employ local people
  • Local businesses support other local businesses
  • The business community is reflective of its community’s culture
  • Tax money spent locally is used for local infra-structure and facilities
  • Shopping at home reduces your carbon footprint
  • Friendlier service!
  • Buy what you need. Don’t buy the hype

Participating Retailers:

Guy’s Furniture & Appliance – 10% off all bedroom furniture
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Spiritwood Pharmacy – 2% off all regular priced items EXCLUDING prescriptions and photos/photo products
Spiritwood Super A Foods – 2% on all regular priced groceries
Spiritwood Tire & Lube – 2% off oil changes and shop labour charge
The Nines Hair Salon – 2% off all regular priced hair products

How to Participate?

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